How to Replace Inline Skate Wheels

The easiest way to replace inline skate or rollerblade wheels is to buy a kit with 8 wheels which have preinstalled bearings with the correct size of bearing spacers and then just use a skate tool to unscrew the old wheels and insert the new ones.

Buying Guide for Inline Skate Wheels

There are some things you need to know before you order a new set of wheels for your inline skates. The most relevant are size, softness, axle size and bearing ratings.

1. Wheel size

Check the min and max size of wheels which will fit into your skates on the wheel frame. For speed choose the largest wheels possible.

2. Wheel softness

The softness or hardness of the wheel is not marked on the frame but it’s something you can see on your old wheels for example 80a.

3. Axle size

Inline skates can have either 6mm or 8mm axles and this is reflected in the bearing spacers inside the wheel between the bearings. If you are buying a kit with preinstalled bearings it will either have the 6mm or 8mm bearing spacers so please check my video on how to see which ones to get.

4. Bearing ratings

Bearings are either rated with the ABEC or ILQ rating system usually from 1 to 9. The higher the number the better the precision of the bearing and therefore the less friction you will have. So for best performance go with a higher number. Many of the kits which are sold will usually have either ABEC or ILQ 7 or 9 bearings which will both be fine.

Changing skate wheels

Changing skate wheels is easy. You just need the new set of wheels with bearings and an allen key or skate tool which you can use to loosen the screws to get the axles out so that you can remove the wheels and then install the new ones.

Check out my youtube video on how to change the wheels.

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