How to reset Ford Mondeo service oil reminder

Resetting the ‘Service Oil’ reminder on the Ford Mondeo is easy to do yourself and it doesn’t require any tools. The instructions here apply to the Ford Mondeo MK4 which was manufactured from 2007 to 2014.

What does the ‘Service oil’ text accompanied by the wrench symbol mean? When your Ford Mondeo shows this text it means that it’s time to have your oil and oil filter changed. Typically the service schedule recommends changing the oil every 12 000 miles / 20 000 km or every 12 months – whichever comes sooner.

Here are the steps for resetting:

  1. Get in the car and close all the doors
  2. Press both the accelerator and brake pedals down
  3. Turn the key in the ignition without starting the car
  4. Keep holding the pedals until you see a notification saying ‘Service: Oil reset complete’
  5. Press ok on the steering wheels button
  6. Turn ignition off and take your feet off the pedals

The below video will show you quick steps on how to reset the ‘Service Oil’ reminder on the Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007-2014).

Ford Mondeo reset oil service indicator

The process is really simple to do yourself and doesn’t require any tools. You will need to do this after changing the oil since most likely the ‘Service Oil’ indicator has popped up and that’s what prompted you to change the oil. This article applies to the below car models:

  • Ford Mondeo 2007
  • Ford Mondeo 2008
  • Ford Mondeo 2009
  • Ford Mondeo 2010
  • Ford Mondeo 2011
  • Ford Mondeo 2012
  • Ford Mondeo 2013
  • Ford Mondeo 2014

Please let me know in the comments below if these instructions didn’t work for you or if this was helpful for some other models not listed above.

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